10 Easy Steps to Tax Savings Utilizing a 1031 Exchange

  1. Sign Listing Agreement to sell relinquished property.
  2. Sign Agreement of Sale with Buyer.
  3. Retain 1031 CORP. as your Qualified Intermediary (QI).
  4. 1031 CORP. prepares documents and provides closing/escrow officer with instructions.
  5. Closing takes place and proceeds are forwarded to 1031 CORP. and placed into exchange deposit account.
  6. The 45-Day Identification Period and 180-Exchange Period begin.
  7. Identify replacement properties to 1031 CORP.
  8. Sign Agreement of Sale for new property and use exchange proceeds for deposit.
  9. QI provides closing/escrow officer with instructions and transfers exchange funds.
  10. Replacement property is acquired and exchange completed.