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Margo McDonnell, CES® is celebrating 30 years at 1031 CORP.! 

Margo has seen the company through many successes and challenging times in the 1031 exchange and real estate industries. She is passionate about her team and clients. Her leadership has centered around her professional and personal life and building deep relationships. She has seen to it that 1031 CORP. clients receive an “exceptional exchange experience, made easy” at every turn.  

Margo is a strong advocate for the 1031 industry as she has been active with the industry trade association for 1031 exchange Qualified Intermediaries and the Federation of Exchange Accommodators (FEA). Margo served as president of the Federation of Exchange Accommodators in 2016, served as executive director, and led several committees. Margo helped establish the Certified Exchange Specialist® (CES®) program through the FEA. The program is an opportunity for 1031 exchange professionals to demonstrate and recognize their knowledge of Section 1031 and its application through independent third-party testing.  

Margo was recognized by the FEA with the establishment of the Margo McDonnell CES® Perpetual Award for Outstanding Service, given every year to recognize excellence in service to the 1031 exchange industry. She received the FEA President’s Award in 2003. 

We are very proud of Margo and her dedication. Please help us celebrate her milestone! 

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