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ROYERSFORD, Penna., February 1, 2011 – 1031 CORP. announced today that it has partnered with Exchange Professionals, Inc., Westminster, MD, and will now offer the many clients of Exchange Professionals, Inc. qualified intermediary services under the 1031 CORP. brand.  The transaction was completed January 31, 2011.

1031 CORP. specializes in the facilitation of IRC section 1031 tax-deferred exchanges of business use and investment assets. In its capacity as a Qualified Intermediary, 1031 CORP.’s team of Certified Exchange Specialists® has assisted thousands of taxpayers preserve the equity in their investment and business use assets and acquire replacement property that better fits their needs and wants. 1031 CORP. employs numerous procedures to ensure the security of clients’ funds, including on-line account viewing capabilities and account statements directly from the depository.

Exchange Professionals, Inc. was founded by Bettye Matthews, CPA in 2003 and became one of the leading qualified intermediaries in the state.  Like 1031 CORP., Exchange Professionals, Inc. is known for the exceptional service provided to its clients and its commitment to educate taxpayers and their professional advisors on 1031 exchanges and their many benefits. Matthews will serve as a consultant for 1031 CORP.

 “I am excited about this next step in our growth.  Bettye is a true professional and her hands on approach to service mirrors the service 1031 CORP. has always provided.  She recognizes the importance of providing exceptional service designed to make the exchange process easy for our clients.  I am especially thrilled that Bettye, who is well respected in the 1031 exchange community, will be part of our exchange team and available to share her accounting and 1031 expertise with our clients through webinars, seminars, articles and consultations,” said Margo McDonnell, CES®, President, 1031 CORP. 

“Of the many Qualified Intermediary companies that showed an interest in working with Exchange Professionals, Inc., 1031 CORP. was my choice for an alliance because of their strategic location in the Mid-Atlantic/northeast corridor and their methods of service delivery,” added Matthews.  “We have always appreciated the value in “holding the client’s hand” as we guided them through the exchange process.  I believe that 1031 CORP.’s client care will match ours in every way.”

All 1031 exchange transactions will be facilitated through the Royersford, PA office.

About 1031 CORP.
Serving as a nationwide qualified intermediary for 1031 tax-deferred exchanges since 1991, 1031 CORP. strives to provide a superior exchange experience for its customers and their advisors.  It provides its customers with enhanced security of funds, knowledgeable exchange professionals and commitment to keep the exchange process simple for our customers and their advisors.  Every member of the exchange team is a Certified Exchange Specialist® and has the experience and expertise to facilitate even the most complex exchange transaction, including reverse, improvement and personal property exchanges.  Additional information can be found at .