Chosen to Serve on Panel of Industry Experts

September 23, 2010, Royersford, PA – 1031 CORP. announced today that Susan Umstead, CES®, Senior Vice President, and Marissa LoCascio, CES® , Senior Exchange Officer, were elected to serve on the Certified Exchange Specialist® (CES®) Certification Council of the Federation of Exchange Accommodators (FEA).

The Certification Council was established by the FEA in 2002 and is comprised of a panel of up to 16 experts that represent the geography, size and type of the FEA membership.  The Council developed the Program’s eligibility requirements, its policy and procedures and Code of Ethics and Conduct. The panel also defined the body of knowledge from IRC §1031 rules and regulations and determined the content areas appropriate for the examination.

"I'm looking forward to serving on the CES® Certification Council to help others in our industry achieve this important designation.  The more CES® Designees we have nationwide will only increase the integrity of the exchange industry and benefit the consumers." said Umstead who was among the first to earn her designation in 2003.   

"I am extremely excited to join the CES® Council and look forward to taking the CES® designation to new heights.  Continuing education is so important for the 1031 industry and the CES® Council aims to keep this at the forefront.  I hope to continue the amazing job the Council has done over the years and add some new and exciting ideas for the future!" added LoCascio who earned her designation in 2008.

Margo McDonnell, CES®, President, said “The CES® designation has become an important credential in the 1031 exchange industry as it gives consumers a way to choose a qualified intermediary that has demonstrated through testing a standard level of knowledge on 1031 exchanges and their facilitation.  As the founding chair of the CES® Council, I know the important work of this Council and the value of the designation.  I am pleased that both Sue and Marissa recognize the importance of the Council’s mission and want to volunteer their time and expertise for the good of the industry.”

About 1031 CORP.

Serving as a nationwide qualified intermediary for 1031 tax-deferred exchanges since 1991, 1031 CORP. strives to provide a superior exchange experience for its customers and their advisors.  It provide its customers with enhanced security of funds, knowledgeable exchange professionals and a commitment to keep the exchange process simple for their customers and advisors.  Every member of the exchange team possesses the Certified Exchange Specialist® designation and has the experience and expertise to facilitate even the most complex exchange transaction, including reverse, improvement and personal property exchanges.  For more information on 1031 CORP., please visit

About the Certified Exchange Specialist® Program

The CES® Program was established by the Federation of Exchange Accommodators (FEA) in 2003 to formally recognize individuals who have satisfied an experience requirement and demonstrated through testing, their comprehensive knowledge of Section 1031 and the facilitation of like-kind exchanges. Currently there are less than 250 CES® Designees nationwide. The FEA is the national trade association organized to represent professionals who conduct like-kind exchanges under Internal Revenue Code §1031 and the interests of the consumers who use their services.  For more information on the CES® designation, please visit: