Exchanging Thoughts

Maximize Your Tax-Deferral by Minimizing Boot

Posted by Ellie Trovato on Fri, Jun 22, 2018

One of the many benefits of a tax-deferred exchange is the ability to defer capital gains taxes when selling and acquiring like-kind real property. This Friday Free for All discusses ways to maximize your tax deferral by minimizing taxable “boot.”

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Topics: section 1031, 1031 equal or greater value and equity, 1031 gain, 1031 exchange closing costs, 1031 exchanges

Transactional Expenses and 1031 Exchange Proceeds

Posted by Margo McDonnell on Tue, Sep 11, 2012

Our Tuesday’s Tip addresses how transactional expenses typically paid at closing are handled in a 1031 tax-deferred exchange to avoid an unexpected tax liability known as “boot.” 

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Topics: 1031 exchange rules, 1031 exchange closing costs