Exchanging Thoughts

Federally Declared Disaster Extensions for Victims of Wildfires or Natural Disasters

The Interplay of 1031 and Personal Residence Sales

Seller Financing in a 1031 Exchange

DSTs: An Alternative 1031 Replacement Property Option

CARES Act and Rev. Proc 2022-22 Usher in Much Needed Relief

California Drop and Swap: Substance Over Form

Know Where Your State Stands

It's All in the Math with 30 Year Leases

The Power of 1031 Exchanges

Going Back to Basics

Thankful for Your Advisors

Making Your Home Work for You

Tips on Identification Guidelines and Rules

Dig Below the Surface for More Like-Kind Options

Maximize Your Tax-Deferral by Minimizing Boot

Using Equity the Right Way

Say Goodbye to the Landlord Headaches

Knowledge is Power

Exchanging Up and Increasing Cash Flow

Top 1031 Exchange Misconceptions

Understanding the Same Taxpayer Rule

Time Extensions for Federally Declared Disasters

Make Them Work for You: Vacation Homes

The Often Overlooked Benefits of 1031s

Diversify, Relocate, Consolidate…Yes, you can!

Step it up with Estate Planning

The Role of the Qualified Intermediary and the 1031 CORP. Advantage

Step by Step, Keeping the Exchange Process Simple for You

Secure Your Replacement Property with an Earnest Money Deposit

The Sign is Like-Kind. More on Conservation Easements

Personal Property Repealed from Section 1031….But Not Yet!

Tips for a Smooth 45-Day Identification Period

Maybe we will bring like-kind exchanges to PA

Pennsylvania May Help Its Taxpayers Build Wealth

Taxable Sale vs. 1031 Exchange: Impact of New and Higher Taxes

Related Party Exchanges Require Caution

Putting a 1031 Replacement Property under Contract

Value of Consulting your Tax Advisor Especially Now

The New Tax Bill and the Hidden Benefits of a 1031 Exchange

YES! The 1031 Deferred Gain May Still Be Forgiven

Impact of the New Tax Bill

Last Minute Exchanges are now the Norm

Diversification: Music to my Ears

Over the Fiscal Cliff…1031 to the Rescue!

Family is Great for Holidays - But Not for 1031!

Thankful for YOU!

Clarifying Common 1031 Misconceptions

Reverse Exchanges Great Option for Relocating Businesses

Purpose of 1031 Assignments

1031 Tax Trap When Buying Land as Replacement Property

“Like-Kind” Provides Many Opportunities for 1031 Exchanges

1, 2, 3 or More: The Choice is Yours

Wealth Building Strategy: Defer, Defer, Die!

Last Minute Exchanges are the New Norm

Extensions Provide Relief for 1031 Exchangers Affected by Sandy

The Interest is Yours

Is Estate Tax Exemption Portability Here to Stay?

Trading Down is Sometimes Okay

Using Exchange Proceeds to Make Improvements on 1031 Replacement Property

1031 Exchanges of Agricultural Assets

State Taxes and 1031 Exchange

Gain from Conservation Easement Often Exchanged

1031 Exchanges Offer More Benefits than Just Deferred Gain

What is Like-Kind to Real Estate?

Last Minute Exchange are the New Norm

Reporting your 1031 Exchange on Form 8824

Could your 1031 Replacement Property be your Dream Vacation Home?

Avoid the Boot when Selling in a 1031 Exchange

A New Tax Scheduled to Kick-in January 1st

Another Sale to Related Party Blessed by IRS

1033 Rollover Provide Options in an Involuntary Conversion

To Refinance or Not

Pipelines Like-Kind to Pipelines But They Weren't Always

Reverse Exchanges Make a Comeback

1031 Exchanges Also Defer Depreciation Recapture

The Value of Using an Experienced Qualified Intermediary

Vacation Homes Can Qualify for 1031 Tax-Deferral

National 1031 Trade Association is Invaluable to QIs

All or Nothing – Not!

Homeowners May Never Pay Taxes on the Sale of their Primary Residence

When to Report a 1031 Exchange

Tenant-in-Common Interests Provide Twice the Opportunities

Three Misconceptions about Capital Gains

Real Property Means a Lot More than Real Estate

Something of Interest to You

Transactional Expenses and 1031 Exchange Proceeds

Conservation Easements Preserve Land and your Wealth

It’s My Money and I Want It Now!

Depreciation of 1031 Replacement Property

The Benefits of Cost Segregation

Use Caution when Considering Buying or Selling from a Related Party

Security of Exchange Funds Has Always Been our Top Priority

Definition of Like-Kind Provides Flexibility

Improvement Exchanges Offer Great Solutions

Maximizing your Tax Deferral in a 1031 Exchange

Misconceptions of 1031 Exchanges and the Truth

Extensions Provide Relief for 1031 Exchangers Affected by Disasters

Preserve Ability to Defer Gain without a Buyer

What’s in a Name? Everything in a 1031 Exchange

Oil & Gas Royalties Exchangeable with Real Property

The ABCs of 1031 Exchanges

1031 Exchanges Offer Many Benefits to Investors

45-Day IDs that Make or Break a 1031

A Flip Doesn’t Work for 1031 but Make it a Rental and Maybe!

How Olympic Athletes Can Inspire Us Financially

With Patience, Vacation Home Owners Score Big with 1031 Exchanges

Portability: It’s a Great Thing

Earnest Money Deposits for 1031 Replacement Properties

Olympics Have Everyone Talking Gold

CFPB Recommends no Federal Regulation of 1031 QIs

Even with Caveats, Conversion to Primary Residence has Great Rewards

Trust your 1031 Exchange to a CES® Designee

Timing is Everything

Marcellus Shale and 1031 Exchanges

Non-Resident Withholding in a 1031 Exchange

Defer, Defer, Die!

1031 Exchanges Help with College Planning

Consulting your Tax Advisor Should be Step 1

1031 Exchanges & Mixed-Use Properties

Choosing a QI Team not a Sole Practitioner

1031 Exchanges Provide Exit Strategy for Business Owners

Effect of New Health Care Law on Real Estate Transactions

Your QI Does a Lot More than your 1031 Docs


10 Steps to a 1031 Exchange and Tax Savings

1031 Exchanges Do More Than Just Defer Cap Gains

Is Today’s Rental Property Tomorrow’s Dream Home?

Maximizing your 45-Day Identification Period

Franchisees Profit from 1031 Exchanges

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